Discussion Questions

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Some ideas to get Blackboard rolling...you are not expected to answer every question.  They are intended solely as potential platforms for Blackboard discussion.


1)   Belkin stated in 1982 that “an effective ASK-based system must be interactive”. (p 69)  How far have we come since then?  How much further can we go?

         Belkin, N.J., Oddy, R.N. & Brooks, H.M. (1982), ASK for information retrieval: Part I . Journal of Documentation 38: 61-71


2)  Some of these theories may have more application in certain library or information settings than others.  Do any of these theories resonate more with your personal or professional experience?  Do any of them seem off-base, misconstrued?


3)  Of all the models reviewed, which one if any do you feel most accurately explains  information behavior? Or, is it a mix of several?


4)  On the Wilson model page, what do you see as the difference between his 1981   model and the one from 1995? 


5)  How can the Information Architecture of a site aid in re-finding?


6) What is the aim of information behaviour that keeps found things found?