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Rockstars of IB


Ellis-Common Characteristics of Information Behavior of Researchers


  • Starting-the means by which the user begins seeking information
  • Chaining-using footnotes and citations in credible material to obtain new material
  • Browsing- “semi-directed or semi-structured searching"
  • Differentiating- using known differences in information sources as a way of filtering the amount of information obtained
  • Monitoring- keeping up-to-date or current awareness searching
  • Extracting-being selective and identifying the most relevant material in an information source
  • Verifying-checking the accuracy of information
  • Ending-conducting a final search to “tie up loose ends”


Ellis, D. (1989). A behavioural approach to information retrieval design. Journal of Documentation, 45(3), 318-338.

Wilson, T.D. (1999) Models in information behaviour research.  Journal of Documentation, 55, 249-270



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